Small and large freight elevators

Freight elevators are widely used in different fields: manufacturing, hotel and restaurant business, warehouses, trade, and wherever it is necessary to lift the heavy and bulky freights to the upper floors. With the help of elevators the movement of freights ceases to be a problem. “KHAZARLIFT” LLC offers you to buy freight elevators of various types – electromechanical or hydraulic. And the maximum load that can be sustained by the elevators that we install is up to 10 tons. You can independently choose the load carrying capacity of the elevator, height, door type (manual or automatic), cabin materials (plasticized metal, polished stainless steel) and its sizes, as well as many other parameters. All our products are manufactured in accordance with the developments of leading engineers that is why it meets the most stringent safety requirements. The complex of our services includes the maintenance of elevators. We are ready to consult you on all arising questions by phone or directly in our office.