A wide range of our services includes from equipment delivery to installation of high-quality maintenance. We supply passenger and freight elevators with hydraulic and electric drive for private residences, hotels and residential complexes, industry and public buildings, shopping centers, hospitals and educational institutions. To the standard model, at the request of the client, we use a variety of materials for decoration and accessories, namely: various floor coverings, decorative lamps, corner profiles, cab control posts, handrails, photocells, mirrors, musical accompaniment, etc. which will complement the modern design of the elevator and create in combination with the color performance a composition of a single style, beauty and comfort.

The main directions of our activities:

  • Sale of elevators, escalators, and travolators (delivery to address);
  • Installation of elevators, escalators and travolators;
  • Design works;
  • Development of projects on the profile of our activities;
  • Modernization of lifting equipment
  • Development of metal structures (elevators metallic mines)
  • Repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators, and travolators;

Designing works

In today’s world the design receives as much attention as functionality and reliability of equipment do, but elevator manufacturers do not differ in ingenuity, in their standard finishes, which look quite ascetic and ordinary. In order elevator to become worthy object of interior and then an adornment, “highlight” of architectural space it is necessary a designer work. We offer various options of finishing elevator portals from metal panels to natural wood of a wide range of colors. Different types of wall panels, figured overlays of the ceiling, handrails of different types and carpet floor finish will harmoniously complete transformation of your elevators. We offer a variety of finishes depending on the required style. In the case of choosing modern styles, special attention is paid to metal, glass and mirrors, leather, fabrics of various textures, mosaics and even gems.

Development of projects according to our activities profile

Our specialists are always ready to help you with the development of the projects for elevators, escalators, and travolators presenting by this new ideas of design. The development is implemented according to our activity profile.

Modernization of lifting technology

Modernization is the complex replacement of oversized nodes such as the winch of the main drive, the control station, the elevator car compartment and the doors of the mine, as well as the installation of additional anti-vandal equipment, emergency lighting units, etc. The installation of a new elevator is quite expensive and complex. But if the service period of the elevator comes to an end, if it is obsolete, it must be changed. "Khazar Lift Service" offers an optimal solution to this problem – the modernization of the existing fleet of elevators. The purpose of modernization is the replacement of worn-out equipment, updating the interior of the compartment of the cabin and the doors of the shaft. During the modernization modern finishing materials, new technical decisions and modern technologies are used. Replacement of worn-out equipment allows receiving an elevator that meets high technical requirements and is not inferior in terms of its parameters to a new set but with significant money saving.

Repair and maintenance of elevators, escalators and travolators

A modern elevator consists of hundreds of powerful mechanical and sensitive electronic parts. Maintenance of elevators is an integral part of reliable, uninterrupted operation of each of them, which allows identifying and eliminating various kinds of problems that occurred during exploitation. With proper maintenance and timely repair works, the elevator is the safest type of transport. Thanks to strict technical control and practically trouble-free security system (special "catchers" hang cabin on the rails when speeding is exceeded), the possibility of an accident is practically eliminated.