Panoramic elevators

With increasing of construction volume of shopping and office centers, hotels and other large public buildings, the popularity of panoramic elevators is also increasing. Unlike ordinary elevators they allow passengers to inspect everything that is outside of the elevator, this creates an involvement effect and arouse interest. The movement on the elevator turns into a fascinating journey - for both children and adults. There is no more discomfort for those who are anxious, being in a closed space - everything is visible, as in the palm of your hand. The other important advantage of panoramic elevators is their stylish design: the transparent cabin will fit into any style and interior, adding to it aesthetics and special chic. Quite often the panoramic elevator becomes the compositional center of the whole room. The presence of such an elevator attracts attention and increases the prestige of the institution, and hence its attendance. Panoramic elevator installed not inside but outside the building allows its passengers to survey the surrounding landscape. In addition, this solution significantly saves space inside the building, allowing it to be used more profitably. We offer you the panoramic elevators of leading manufacturers of the world. You can choose the necessary model from a wide range, you can make adjustments to the project, add individualities, and even offer your layout. The building of the construction is customized to the features of your building, and its shape can be different - rectangular, semi-circular, or with smoothed corners. You can pick up an elevator of the required capacity, size of the cabin and height of the shaft. The elevator cabin can be completely transparent, and can be decorated with various materials - metal, mirrors, wood.