Elaboration of metal structures (metal shafts of elevators)

Elevator shafts from metal constructions have been wide spread because of high strength, long service life, as well as the possibility of giving them a variety of forms. The construction of metal elevator shafts is the task, right decision which may only be entrusted to specialists. The peculiarity of performing metal frameworks for elevators is strict adherence to tolerances and limiting deviations, since inside the shafts will be located elevator mechanisms, to the attachment of which are brought special (not building) requirements of accuracy of geometry. The quality of the welded seam, the control of the geometry of the shaft (a set of control of various kinds of spatial deviations), strict adherence to the requirements of project documentation is an integral part of the work of our specialists. The performance of the metal frameworks shafts of elevators of various difficulty level (from small freight to bear shafts of elevators with load carrying capacity of 5000 kg and elevators with big load carrying capacity).

  • The main advantages of metal elevator shafts:
  1. High strength and durability;
  2. Less weight, unlike reinforced concrete and brick analogues;
  3. Relatively simple installation process;
  4. Rapid erection
  5. Safety and reliability (in case of compliance with the operating rules);
  6. Aesthetics;

By choosing for the construction of metal structures of the elevator shaft you will spend a minimum of funds for materials, as well as reduce the cost of building a foundation. You cannot ignore the fact that the assembly will be simple, convenient and fast, and most important – construction is possible in any weather.