Escalators and travolators

Escalators and travolators are the best solution for the public and commercial buildings with a large flow of people. They enable the rapid movement of a large number of people, without limiting the carrying capacity that is available with passenger elevators. Having bought escalators from us you are guaranteed to receive a reliable device of international quality. Escalators are normally manufactured with a slope of 30° and 35°, and travolators with a slope of 8°, 10°, 12°. And also, we are ready to offer passenger conveyors with a 0 °angle, more often such conveyors are installed in airports to move passengers among terminals. There are many opportunities to create an individual design of the escalator, which perfectly fit into the interior of the building. Steps in aluminum or stainless steel, the color of a moving handrail of choice, a balustrade made of glass or stainless steel, unlimited possibilities for exterior cladding. Generally, everything is limited only by the price you are willing to pay for an escalator or travolator. The standard equipment of the quality escalators and travolators includes frequency operation with 4 modes: The first mode allows the escalator to work in both directions. The movement is carried out by means of a photo sensor, which regulates the speed and direction of movement depending on the passenger flow. This option is suitable for peopleless places, where escalators are not often used. The second mode is programmed in such a manner that after a certain time, for example 120 seconds, the period when the escalator is not used, the slow speed mode starts. When people go to the escalator, they immediately "wake up" and begin a rapid movement. The third mode is similar to the second, with the only difference in that after the programmed time, in the absence of passengers, the escalator stops the traffic. Return to normal rapid movement is carried out in the same way as in the previous mode of operation. The fourth mode is the permanent rapid movement.